Coffee shops and restaurants

Commercial Water Filters

400 GPD RO system

3.339,00 د.إ

Commercial Water Filters

600 GPD RO system

4.099,00 د.إ

Commercial Water Filters

200 GPD RO System

2.669,00 د.إ

These filters are specifically designed to desalinate water and convert it into daily-drinkable water for bakeries, restaurants, and cafes. This filter represents an efficient and reliable solution for obtaining pure and healthy water. Effective solutions to ensure the provision of pure water in restaurants are vital to enhance their reputation and ensure compliance with health and safety standards. The use of water in beverage preparation and dish washing, if not pure, can have a negative impact on food quality and the restaurant’s reputation.


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Home RO systems

RO System 6 stage

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Our services for coffee shop, restaurant and companies  

We provide customized filtration systems for restaurants and cafes, where our filter is tested and approved to remove chlorine and chlorinates. If you’re looking for a water filter that provides excellent drinking water for your home or business, reverse osmosis RO technology is considered one of the most popular and effective water purification methods available. Reverse osmosis works by pushing water through a semi-permeable membrane, leaving contaminants behind to be flushed away. Clean drinking water accumulates in a tank.